COVID complications leave man needing double lung transplant


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A 51-year-old man needs a double lung transplant after suffering from COVID-19 complications. Now his wife and family are doing everything they can to save his life.

Theresa Bohanon has been married to Lamount Bohanon Sr. for 26 years. 

Lamount Bohanon Sr.’s wife Theresa calls him a ‘true-born giver,’ but now the 51-year-old is bedridden and in need of a transplant.

“My husband he used to love to go to the gym. He used to love to fish, cook. He’s a great cook,” she said.

But now the 51-year-old is bedridden. He was just transferred to a St. Louis hospital where doctors will evaluate him for a double lung transplant. 

Lamount has been in and out of the hospital since getting COVID-19 last fall. He has pulmonary fibrosis, a lung disease that develops when lung tissue is damaged.

“It was fine, it was fine until he got the COVID. We had no problems with anything,” Theresa said.

Doctors tell her the only thing that can help her husband is a double lung transplant. If he doesn’t get that, he’ll have to go to hospice, she said.

“The medical bills are outstanding,” Theresa said. “If and when he receives his lung transplant he will have to be on special medicine for the rest of his life in order for the lungs to function properly, and all those types of medicines are very expensive.”

As COVID-19 restrictions loosen, she warns about letting your guard down.

“I just want everybody to continue to stay safe and don’t think just because you have not gotten the COVID that you can’t get it,” she said.

Theresa said she is thankful for the outpouring of support her family has received.

And for her husband, who she says always worries about everyone else, she hopes he now gets what he needs.

“He’s a true-born giver, and when I say he’s a true-born giver, he gives from the heart,” she said. “I’m just hoping and praying that everything works out for him. I’m not going to give up on him because he wouldn’t give up on me and he hasn’t.”

It’s unclear how long the couple will be in St. Louis. Lamount is able to speak and is staying positive but can’t exert any energy to walk.

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