Cordova man accused of ambushing woman with laser-mounted gun, calling police with fictitious story


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A man is under arrest after police say used a laser-mounted gun to shoot at a woman and two teens while they were driving down a residential street in Cordova Sunday night.  

Jerod Lawson, 20, is charged three counts of aggravated assault.  

Kel Leigh said her 18-year-old had just wrapped up his shift at a restaurant and was hitching a ride home with a co-worker and her mother.  

But as soon as they approached his house on Whitten View Lane, she said they were ambushed. 

“They made a u-turn in the middle of the street and when they made a u-turn a car pulled up, somebody got out,” said Leigh. 

“They a gun with beams on them, lights on them and they started shooting at the car,” she said. 

Police said the woman was shot in the arm while the two teens were uninjured. 

“She drove off really fast trying to get away from them and they ran behind the car on foot,” Leigh said. 

Things took another strange twist when police say Lawson called them to report that someone was trying to break into his house a few doors down.  

Lawson allegedly told police he fired two warning shots in his backyard, but then changed his story and said he fired the warning shots in his front yard.  

Police say they got a search warrant for his house and found a 9 mm handgun with a green laser light.  

“In this neighborhood, don’t nobody even be walking around like that so to be walking around at midnight with guns with laser beams on them, it’s very strange. Like, who were they looking for?” Leigh said. 

“I’m very nervous. I’m ready to shoot anything that moves,” she added. 

Records show Lawson’s $7,500 has been paid but he remained in the Shelby County Jail as of Monday evening. 

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