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(Collierville) John Aitken is a wanted man.

He’s not wanted by the FBI or police, but the new school districts popping up across Shelby County.

Aitken said “no thanks” to several of them, but Collierville is still interested and it appears Aitken is interested in the city too.

Mayor Stan Joyner told WREG he’s not in position to give an interview or make any announcements on the superintendent job yet, but claims Collierville’s school board should be able to make a decision within a few days and there is no active search.

No one is more surprised by this news than Arlington Mayor Mike Wissman.

He says just last week he was 95 percent sure Aitken was going to come there.

They were even talking about a contract, but then yesterday Aitken told him it wouldn’t be a good fit.

Now Wissman says he can’t blame Aitken if he chooses Collierville because it is his home.

Wissman says Aitken may also be considering whether coming out of retirement to lead any district is financially worth it.

He says Arlington and Lakeland are planning to share a superintendent and must now go back to the state for more applicants since the pool of candidates was very limited when Aitken was an option.

Germantown is also going through the state for the superintendent search.

“The city of Germantown went ahead and employed the Tennessee School Board Association for a search, and the TSBA is presenting at least a couple of recommendations,” said Germantown Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy.

The school board is now going through those recommendations.