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(Memphis) Residents in Memphis’ Cooper Young neighborhood are looking for solutions after several pet cats were killed Tuesday.

“Fifteen years is a long time for an animal. He was so fabulous. We would sit on the swing, he would sit on my lap and he would make biscuits,” said Heidi Knochenhauer, who found her cat Morris dead in her front yard Tuesday morning.

“There was slobber everywhere and dogs don’t eat the cats, they just want to stop them and kill them.”

At least four people in the Cooper Young area reported that their cats were killed Tuesday.

Knochenhauer said she has seen stray dogs attacking cats before. However, it was not strays that were seen in action this time.

“Yesterday there was an incident, a gentleman on my street, his kitten was attacked by two Weimaraners, and those Weimaraners live two streets over,” said Knochenhauer.

Neighbors have called Memphis Animal Services and are keeping their cats inside or in the backyard for now. Knochenhauer, who has a second cat, said she will do whatever it takes to keep him safe.

“I’m not really into shooting dogs, but if I have to save my cat or someone else’s cat.”