MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A call for help led police to a stash of guns, drugs, and stacks of cash in East Memphis on Wednesday.

Police raced to a home on Boyce Road Wednesday after someone called saying Jason Nelson, 22, was holding two men at gunpoint, his cousin and grandfather, according to reports.

When officers searched the house they didn’t find a gunman, but they said they did find marijuana several guns and several hundred bullets.

While they were there, Police said Nelson pulled up in a car with more than 19,000 in the center console.

Reports said officers located a total of seven firearms, almost two pounds of marijuana, and several hundred rounds of ammunition inside the home. The total amount of money seized was $21,260.

Police said they arrested him after he claimed responsibility for all the weapons, drugs, and money.

Jason Nelson is facing a long list of charges including theft, possession of a controlled substance and multiple weapon violations.

His bond is set at $100,000. He is expected to appear in court Nov. 16.