Sign language interpreter turned passion for helping into 20-year career

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — During trying times, you need a calming voice or even a calming sign.

Brenda Cash is at almost every COVID-19 Task Force briefing signing for the deaf and hard of hearing. You might have seen her standing beside mayors and city and county leaders during the briefings over the past couple of months.

Cash said she could sign before she could talk. She went to a deaf church. Her father was on a deaf baseball team. She even signed her mother’s favorite soap operas at a time when hey didn’t have closed captioning.

“I grew up signing. So my parents are deaf and I started when I was one years old and I also have a deaf son. My oldest son he knows sign language and my youngest is deaf.”

Little did Cash know all of her practice would turn into a 20-year career. She wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

She’s worked with deaf children at White Station High School, signed at award ceremonies and now signing to give the public the latest information during the coronavirus pandemic.

With much community support, it’s a calling she holds dear to her heart.

She has an end goal in mind:

“I hope to provide communication starting from birth and at home if a parent has a deaf child and they’re not sure what to do. We can be an outreach program.”

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