Bain Family Talks About Kidnapping And Murders

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(Bolivar, TN)  A trial date has been set for two women allegedly involved in a horrific kidnapping and murder plot in the Mid-South last spring.

Mary and Teresa Mayes are charged for the roles they reportedly played in the deaths of a mother and daughter and the kidnapping of two sisters.

They are the mother and wife of Adam Mayes, who police say killed JoAnn and Adrienne Bain, then kidnapped Joann’s other two young daughters, Alexandria and Kyliah Bain.

Adam Mayes hid Alexandria and Kyliah in the woods for a week, before killing himself. 

The girls were rescued.

Alexandria and Kyliah’s cousin says the girls still struggle with their kidnapping and the murder of their mother Jo Ann and sister Adrienne.

“It’s always going to be a problem. You know? They won’t ever get over this. But their doing fine vas well as can be expected I guess,” said the family member.

This family member didn’t want to give her name, but she did want to be in the court room while the women charged with kidnapping and killing her cousins had their pre-trial hearing.

At the hearing the judge also unsealed Teresa and Mary Mayes indictments.

They list over one hundred and seventy possible witnesses including the young victims.

This family member of the Bain girls hopes they aren’t called to the stand.

“They’re just girls you know. It would be a little too much for them I think.”

According to Teresa Mayes statement to the FBI 12-year-old Alexandria Bain thought she was being taken by Mayes to Mexico where they could get married, and Kyliah would be their little girl.

Being feet away from the woman who is making those claims isn’t easy for this Bain family member who is still at a loss.

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