When you walk into Arrow Creative, you’ll find a fashion designer next to a painter next to a jewelry maker.

Deanna Hamsley is an artist who had been working out of her home for years. She said having her own studio space was very much needed.

“I get here and it grounds me into why I’m here,” Deanna said. “And there is nothing to distract me. This is my sanctuary. You know, it’s my thing.”

Arrow Creative is a nonprofit organization making all art accessible all under one roof in Midtown.

“We sell anything from apparel, to jewelry to candles to art. But then, you get to walk through the space and we have four galleries. Sixteen artists studios. You are immersing yourself in this local maker movement.  “

Abby Phillips is the co-founder and executive director.

“The growing of the entrepreneur economy is important to the whole city,” Abby told us.  “To retain talent. To bring in new talent. You have to have this creative economy. “

Arrow Creative was able to purchase equipment from the Memphis College of Art when it closed to give artists access to professional equipment.

“Ranges from ceramics, woodshop, photoshop, lighting studio, fashion design,” Abby told us.

They also took over the College of Art community education classes.

“That includes adult classes that range from ceramics to painting to candle making which is one of our popular classes,” Abby said.  

Artist of all mediums have been hit hard by the pandemic. Trying to build community over competition was crucial when it came to diversifying an artist’s revenue stream.

“To be able to give our artist not only studio space, opportunity to be in the retail store but also teach classes,” Abby said.

That is why our anonymous donor wanted to give Arrow Creative a thousand dollars. Because when bring artist under one roof you make the Memphis art scene stronger. A true community changer.

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