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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Researchers say the alcohol industry is booming amid the coronavirus pandemic. But some say that could lead to problems.

According to Nielsen resarch, alcohol sales are up 55% since mid-March. Vivino, a popular wine rating and sales app, reports a 300 % growth since the virus appeared.

WREG observed lines out the door at local liquor stores. Multiple Mid-South businesses reported a 50% jump in sales across the last few weeks. In fact, one owner was too busy selling alcohol to speak with WREG.

But where a drink or two can help residents relax or deal with anxiety, more can quickly lead down a slippery slope.

“Are you kinda succumbing to something that might ultimately do a lot worse than just kill that pain?” said Tom Starling, president of Mental Health America Mid-South.

Health experts say the occasional drink probably won’t hurt, but the best coping mechanisms – exercise and human contact – are still timeless classics.

As liquor stores continue to thrive, experts ask that residents consider health and wellness, even in quarantine.

“Get out of those pajamas, try to enjoy some fresh air, do some of those things that they taught us in grade school,” Starling said.

Most liquor stores in Tennessee are closing early in accordance with Governor Lee’s stay-at-home order.