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(Guntown, MS) Investigators with K-9 units are currently going through the woods around the home rented by Adam Mayes.

While many people are asking what would cause a man to murder a mother and her daughter, then kidnap two girls, there are some who say they know exactly why it happened.

Adam Mayes is now charged with kidnapping and two counts of First Degree Murder.

In interviews, several people who are close to Mayes, said he believed the two youngest Bain girls were his daughters.

They said he was furious when he learned Jo Ann Bain was moving her children to Arizona.

In an affidavit, Adam Mayes’ wife Teresa, said he planned to kidnap those two girls and in the process she saw him kill Jo Ann Bain and knows he killed Adrienne Bain.

There doesn’t appear to be any evidence that Mayes fathered 8-year-old Kyliyah or 12-year-old Alexandria.

Search crews are back today looking for Mayes in both Tennessee and Mississippi.

If you have information, call 1-800-TBI-FIND.

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