Accused drag racers arrested after speeding past police at more than 100 mph


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Memphis police have arrested three suspected drag racers after officers caught them doing donuts on Riverport Road, a street notorious for illegal racing.  

Police say a white Dodge Charger was doing donuts around 7 p.m. Tuesday while a number of other cars blocked the entrance to the Electrolux plant.  

Khylin McDougal (left) and Bryson Webb

When police activated their lights and sirens, they say the cars drove around them and took off at more than 100 mph.  

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Police finally found three of the cars at Martin Luther King Riverside park and arrested Khylin McDougal, 19, Bryson Webb, 18, and a juvenile, all from Arkansas.  

The two adult suspects have been charged with drag racing and reckless driving. They have been released.

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