Room In The Inn provides shelter for those in need

Community Changers

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — “Homelessness is a very complicated issue, and everybody’s story is unique and everybody has their own challenges,” said Alise Davis, the finance director of Room In The Inn.

The organization shelters those experiencing homelessness in a safe environment of hospitality.

During the winter, Room in the Inn partners with over 50 faith communities to keep homeless individuals warm.

“We gather homeless individuals in the wintertime and they leave in small groups to stay on host sites at different churches,” said Davis.

It was during that time they realized a gap in shelters for families. Often times, families would be separated due to shelter rules. That’s when Room In The Inn teamed up with MIFA.

“In a collaborative partnership with MIFA, families that are approved to work in their rapid rehousing program can come here for shelter while they’re going through that process,” said Davis.

Room In The Inn also needed more space to help fill the gaps for homeless individuals who were medically fragile as well.

“Often have guests that were coming to us directly from the hospital. It’s not ideal to be bounced from place to place when you’ve has an acute medical event,” Davis said.

A collaborative partnership between the city, county and the CME Church was underway to renovate the historic Collins Chapel Connectional Hospital that served the African American community in segregated times.

Now with its new purpose, it will house homeless families and individuals in need.

“Our family rooms have bunk beds. Some beds can expand if it’s a larger family,” explained Davis.

They also have a playroom for the younger children filled with activities, books and toys. For the medically fragile individuals being discharged from a hospital but have nowhere to fully recuperate, they now have a place to heal with dignity.

“Our case manager and director will work with them through therapy, physical therapy,” explained Davis.

That is why our anonymous donor wanted to give Room In The Inn $1,000, because when you treat guests with holy hospitality, those gaps become smaller. They are a true community changer.

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