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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — What would you do if you outlived your finances or your support system? Many seniors here in Memphis live at or below the poverty level.

“Could you imagine your grandmother or parents, not having a bed to sleep on, not having food to eat, or a shower curtain or a towel to dry off with,” said Kristi Owens.

Golden Cross Senior Ministries is an organization that helps enhance the quality of life for seniors in Wesley Living retirmenent communities.

Mr. Wilbur Baker has been a resident at Union Avenue Baptist Towers for the last eight years.

“Sometimes on Friday nights, we have a potluck dinner. Everybody brings down a little meal or something and we fellowship. And everyone gets to know each other,” he said.

Welsey Living also serves seniors who have been previously homeless or have limited means with a place to live. Golden Cross is the organization that helps seniors start over when they have nothing. They provide daily living necessities like paper goods, cleaning supplies and even personal items.

Jim Nasso, President and CEO of Wesley Living, has seen what nothing looks like and knows how vital Godlen Cross is to the community.

“They come with nothing. They come with the clothes they have on their backs. Golden Cross Senior Ministries comes along side and they’ll get them an initial startup of a bed, table, chairs, couch,” he said.

That’s why our anonymous donor wanted to give Golden Cross $1,000. They take great pride in preserving the dignity of our seniors no matter their economical background. They’re a true Community Changer.