No More Silence helps abused children cope in creative ways

Community Changers

As part of our Community Changers series, we highlight organizations making a positive impact in the community! This week, we sat down with an organization paying more attention to what you don’t say versus what you do. We spoke with Latrossica Wilson, Executive Director of No More Silence.

“One in three girls are sexually abused. One in four boys are sexually abused before their eighteenth birthday. They can be right in your house behind the next door while you’re on Facebook. While you’re on the phone. It happened to me.”

Latrossica Wilson was sexually abused at a young age by a family member.

“I had to learn to cope by writing. When no one else was there, my journal was there,” Wilson said. “Or a piece of paper was there. Something to get my feelings out when I couldn’t tell someone else.”

She is now the executive director of No More Silence foundation. It’s a nonprofit organization providing coping mechanisms through the arts for children who have been sexually abused and their families.

“We bring the kids in and actually teach them how to manage their trauma through art,” Wilson said. “We use canvases. And a lot of times we have them speak about their trauma through the canvases.”

No More Silence encourages positive coping. In addition to painting, they also sew.

“It’s really soothing. Just being able to watch that needle travel through the fabric. It’s really soothing,” Wilson said.

Kori Wallace, their music teacher, helps the kids express themselves using a wide variety of instruments.

“Even though I didn’t have the support when I was younger like I should have had, Wilson said. “I’m creating that now.”

“That’s what we do. We try to keep them from harming themselves or harming others. By giving them the tools that they need to calm down,” Wilson said.  “And to know you’ve got support. You have support.”

This is why our anonymous donor wanted to give No More Silence foundation a thousand dollars. Because when you can help prevent child sexual abuse through education and offer support after a very traumatic event, your community is much stronger. A true community changer.

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