Every Tuesday, as part of our Community Changers series, we highlight organizations making a positive impact in our community.

This week, we sat down with a group who help underserved women get back on their feet.

“I was going through some things when I first arrived. I’m still going through some things. But I manage by meeting other people. “

Ruru Smith has been a resident of Clare’s house since October.

“I’m here for a purpose. And I’m going to fulfill that purpose. Yes, I am.” Ruru Smith said.

Sherika Tuck has been a resident a Clare’s House since April.

“I was in a relationship and basically I was having a mental break therefore I needed a place to go to get myself re-established and get back mentally strong,” Sherika Tuck, a resident and house monitor told us.

Clare’s House is part of Merge Memphis. A nonprofit organization created by Sherry McClure and her husband. They repurposed a nursing home into a safe haven shelter for women who are underserved and want help out of homelessness.

“A lot of ladies have been in survival mode for so long,” Sherry McClure said. “They don’t know if they can get out of the cycle they’re in. And we try to encourage them that there is more for them. Not living in your car, not living behind a building, not living in the streets.“

That is why Merge Memphis not only provides them with a place to stay, but also offers life skill classes, financial planning and helps them make and keep doctors’ appointments.

They also provide three meals a day and have an onsite laundry room.

Plus, the ladies can stay up to eighteen or twenty-four months.

“That right there. Took a lot of pressure off of me to just know that I would be here for an extended period of time,” Sherika Tuck said.

Merge Memphis took note of Sherika’s work ethic and hired her as one of their house monitors for Clare’s House.

Ruru Smith is settling in and finding her new routine.

“I love their teaching, Ruru said. “It will help us get back on the road to recovery.”

That is why our anonymous donor wanted to give Merge Memphis a thousand dollars.

Because when you help your community get back on their feet in a safe and encouraging way, you make our community stronger. A true community changer.

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