Lite Memphis‘ mission is to equip African Americans and Latino/a/x students with twenty-first century skills to create wealth and close the racial wealth gap by becoming entrepreneurs.

It’s part of their sixteen-week program.

Lakethia Glenn is the Executive Director. “The only way to close this gap is to invest in these underserved communities,” she said.

“Networking, personal branding and pitching,” Lakethia said. “Our students actually launch a tangible revenue generating business that is a service or product. Whatever they choose. Whatever their passion is.”

Lite Memphis provides the seed funding, educational foundation and mentoring to make it all happen. Free of charge.

At the end of the program, students pitch their ideas or business to investors.

Products from the student’s business ventures are often sold at the Arrow Creative Retail store located in Midtown. All Memphis made! Lite Memphis also helps them grow personally.

“I was a very quiet student then,” Madisonne said. “So, it really pushed me to come out of my shell more.”

Madisonne is a teacher’s assistant with Lite Memphis and owns her own business, Lotus Love Healing.

“It is centered around mental and emotional health through holistic health services,” Madisonne said.

Anisah mentors the students who have completed the program and owns her own record label.

Anisah’s biggest take away, “being able to compartmentalize things. And to have a process. That was really important to me.”

That is why our anonymous donor wanted to give Lite Memphis a thousand dollars. Because when you even out the scale of opportunity the racial wealth gap becomes smaller. They are a true Community Changer.

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